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If you have been terminated from your employment , you may be entitled to more than what your employer is offering you. Do not sign anything and call us today. 

How it all started

Samantha Trinh is a licensed Paralegal. She has spent many years volunteering with organizations that help those less fortunate than herself. In recent years, Samantha has been focused on a project called Homeless Connect Toronto. It started out west and was brought to Toronto by her friends. Since its inception in Toronto, Samantha has always participated at these venues. 

She found this experience to be both enlightening and providential. She spoke to those who came to her for help at these venues and heard many stories about how they came to be homeless. Their stories were all different, but she found one constant similarity. They lost their jobs. Many of whom did not believe that they deserved to lose their jobs but were not aware of their rights. They thought that the employers were always right since it was, they who paid them. It was a very archaic master-slave mentality. 

Samantha decided to go back to school and earn her Paralegal license. With this license, she could help those less fortunate and prevent this perpetual cycle of employers abusing their position of authority with their employees. 

Once Samantha received her Paralegal license, she opened Trinh Legal Services. This company will always work hard for its clients. She has taken many pro bono cases because her clients could not afford to pay but Samantha believes that there was a grave injustice done to the person. 

At Trinh Legal Services, your voice will be heard.