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Samantha Trinh

There is an important individual who deserves recognition. and without her support, Trinh Legal Services may not have been possible. Due to her humility, her identity will be kept anonymous. Through her inspiring words, constant support, unwavering faith, and her refusal to accept anything less, Samantha was able to turn a dream into reality. This was absolutely a joint effort in the making and even today, she has stood by the firm and offered her heart and soul so that those who have been hurt will have a voice within the legal system; a gentle soul with a heart that can make the impossible possible. 

Samantha is a graduate of Providence College in Rhode Island. This private college may be small in size however it is rich in knowledge and culture. It is in this college that Samantha learned the importance of the common good rather than the greater good. She also learned that helping others not only helps those in need but also gives us a sense of purpose, it is that purpose that enables us to do better in life.

Everyone has a teacher or professor that most impacts them and they carry their teachings throughout the different aspects of their lives. Samantha found that in Dr. Barbara Silliman. Samantha enrolled in many of Dr. Silliman’s classes. There, she not only learned the various facets of English, she learned the softer skills. Samantha felt that Dr. Silliman took her under her wings, and to this day, Samantha holds Dr. Silliman in the highest regards. Dr. Silliman taught Samantha communication skills. How you communicate with one is not how you communicate with others. To be a good communicator, you must first be a great listener. 


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